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Insite | The Work Connection

Employment has a new name.

For over 30 years, insite has developed opportunities for individuals with exceptional abilities to become employed within their communities, learning the value of contribution, and becoming invested in their local economies. Insite focuses on matching business needs with individuals who are ready to work and be productive, contributing members of their community. Since 2013, over 300 employment opportunities have been developed for individuals with varying abilities in the State of Wisconsin by this organization alone.

Insite has numerous locations throughout Wisconsin, including the counties of Vernon (where Insite is headquartered) La Crosse, Richland, Sauk, Columbia, Monroe, Juneau, Adams, and Jefferson. Employment Specialists are skilled in matching individuals’ strengths with the ideal position, benefitting both the job seeker and the business. Insite completes a comprehensive analysis of both the business and potential employee, ensuring a strong, long-term match is made. The services provided by Insite have made a substantial impact on the lives of those in many communities throughout Wisconsin, including providing a sense of accomplishment and inclusion into one’s local community.


At Insite, we have more than 35 years of success connecting people and jobs. From that experience we have developed the expertise, support services and resources that have become our trademark. Our Employment Specialists work with each applicant to prepare them to become a contributing and valuable employee. This ensures the right person is matched to the right job

  • Comprehensive analysis of your workplace.
  • Employment Specialists with expertise in job matching.
  • Pre-screened, qualified applicants.
  • Background checks completed on potential employees.
  • Employee trials to ensure the best match (no wages, liability, or workers comp paid by employers – up to 3 months).
  • Ongoing support after hire to ensure a successful match.
  • Tax incentives available for partnering through insite.
  • An exceptional record of successful partnerships with over 300 Wisconsin businesses


Our Employment Specialists partner with DVR to create individual job plans. Plus, we interview each person to determine their skills and interests – which leads to a successful employment match. From start to finish, we are dedicated to helping people with unique abilities secure a job that is fulfilling and long-term.

  • Comprehensive analysis of the individual’s skills.
  • Job development planning.
  • Guidance in how to complete a job application.
  • Resume preparation – writing and refinement.
  • Develop and coach interviewing skills.
  • Arrange meetings with potential employers.
  • Accompany candidates on job interviews.
  • Coach candidates on workplace etiquette.
  • Arrange job shadowing and work trials.
  • Established relationships with hundreds of Wisconsin employers.