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Community Integrated Employment

Our team of Employment Specialists is highly trained in identifying individual skills, setting goals, and offering guidance and support for acquiring new skill sets, ensuring each person’s unique journey to employment is fully supported.


Through our partnership with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, VARC offers comprehensive employment development plans, job shadowing opportunities, paid internships, on-the-job assessments, and extensive support services. Our Employment Specialists work daily to connect with local businesses, ensuring we find the perfect employment fit for you!

VARC Partners with DVR to Provide Services that support individuals falling into one of these three categories:

Supported Employment
Supported Employment (SE) supports those with the most significant needs. This service works to find a setting that will be inclusive and supportive of our clients with the most significant challenges to employment. Our team works closely with long term funding sources to ensure long-term supports are in place.

Job Development
Job Development (JD) is a comprehensive set of services to assist individuals in their search for employment. This service encourages the independence of individuals to create resumes, and apply for positions with the support of their Employment Specialist.

Student Services
Student Work-Based Learning Services are Pre-Employment Transition Services available to both DVR-enrolled and non-enrolled individuals. These services aim to help students develop essential skills and explore various employment options.

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We are proud to partner with the following businesses and look forward to continuing to develop more opportunities for the individuals we serve!  

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