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Day Services

At VARC, our Day Services program is designed to assist our clients in developing skills in the areas of daily living, socialization and recreation, basic general education, and community living.  Person-centered service plans are developed to help identify goals and assist each participant in gaining and enhancing the skills to lead an active and fulfilling life.  

This service is offered both as a Facility-Based option and as a Community-Based option.  While our Facility-Based service does participate in community outings and engagement, it also participates in activities within our facilities.  Our Day Services facilities allow individuals the opportunity to continue to develop their skills in a consistent environment that is designed to promote free movement, safety, and continued individualized support.   

Our Community-Based Day Services program supports the same skill development while exploring local communities daily! This service is for adventure seekers who enjoy a consistent change of scenery. 


In both Facility Based and Community-Based services, individual instruction, role modeling, small and large group activities, and access to community resources are utilized to meet each individuals’ goals. Our staff are also trained in medication administration and providing personal cares to those who may require it. 

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