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Prevocational Services

At VARC, we value an individual's right to choose how they would like to participate in services.  We demonstrate this by offering both Facility- Based and Community-Based Pre-vocational training services.  Prevocational Training is an area of VARC’s expertise. 

Facility-Based Prevocational Services


Our services provide a variety of prevocational and vocational trainings that are specifically designed to assist our clientele in improving their work skills, employment readiness and meeting their overall employment objectives.


Our services include, but are not limited to employment exploration, interviewing skills, learning to work with others, how to be an effective self-advocate, and more!


We provide services to individuals that have never experienced work as well as individuals returning to the work force, and customize a person-centered  employment plan to assist all clients in being as successful as possible. 


VARC services are in compliance with Home and Community Based Services Guidelines and the Wisconsin Innovations and Opportunity Act. 

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