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Transition Services- Ready, Set, Work! 

Transition Services- Ready, Set, Work! 
This course is great for:

  • Students preparing to enter the workforce

  • Individuals who have taken a break from employment and are looking to sharpen their skills prior to returning

  • Anyone interested in learning more about their skill set

  • Those looking to enhance their employment skills

  • Individuals interested in exploring businesses within their communities

VARC has developed a customizable course that will assist in identifying an individual's goals, develop necessary skills, and provide opportunities to connect with local businesses.  Ready, Set, Work!  participants are able to customize a course that is designed to fit your specific wants and needs.  

This course can be conducted one-on-one, or in small groups of individuals with a similar skill set and goals.  This course offers in-person sessions, virtual options, business tours, and activities that are all geared towards enhancing ones employment readiness and skills.  

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