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Programs & Services

VARC provides a wide array of youth and adult services and programs. At VARC, we understand that each person is an individual, and has unique preferences and abilities. Our customized programming allows each client to experience their community as they would like.

Youth & Transition Services

Child and Youth Services

VARC provides services for children and teens ages 3-18, supporting them through skill development by providing them with new learning opportunities.

Childcare Services

Our center provides a safe environment for your child to explore his or her full potential. If you're looking for a childcare center that meets these stringent demands, look no further!

Adult Services

Day Services

Our Day Services program is designed to assist our clients in developing skills in the areas of daily living, socialization and recreation, basic general education, and community living. 

Supported Employment

VARC strives to offer a wide array of employment services in order to promote choice and with the understanding that everyone's path to employment looks different.

Prevocational Service

We value an individual's right to choose how they would like to participate in services.  We demonstrate this by offering both Facility- Based and Community-Based Pre-vocational training services.

Recovery Informed Employment

The Good Bean cafe, Established in October of 2020 in partnership with the Coulee Region Recovery Center, was developed to enhance access to vocational development opportunities to adults in the recovery community. 

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