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Production Supervisory Team Highlight

As we launch into 2024, we're highlighting our production supervisory team, comprising of several VARC leaders who work tirelessly to ensure one of VARC's largest operations runs efficiently and with high quality.


Our production locations specialize in customized contract assembly, packaging, and other fulfillment services for a wide variety of manufacturers on a state, national, and international scale. Those production services are in turn what provides a breadth of employment training opportunities for clients that VARC serves. Nearly 300 clients with varying abilities were provided work opportunities through our production department in 2023 alone, and thousands of individuals have accessed this programming option over VARC's history. Talk about impact!


Many of our production operations have evolved greatly over the years in volume, diversity of customers, and complexity of jobs. The hiring of our General Production Employee roles has greatly assisted VARC in maintaining it's high quality standards and ensuring customer orders are fulfilled accurately and timely. Representing these teams, including our LTE's, Production Associates, GPE's, Drivers, Materials Handlers, and Employment Trainers, are dedicated men and women who make up VARC's Production and Division Supervisors, Warehouse Supervisors, General Managers, and Department Directors. These full teams combined create a powerhouse for VARC, allowing the organization to be recognized as a leader in both subcontract manufacturing, and in creating work and training opportunities for folks with disabilities.


Back row: Fred Schwarz, GM- Sauk; Steve Burmester, Shipping and Receiving Supervisor- Sauk; Travis Boylen, Director of Production; Craig Jacobson, Shipping and Receiving Supervisor- Vernon.

Middle row: Brenda Thorne, GM- Juneau; Lona Towsley, Production Supervisor- Richland; Jesse Nelson- GM Richland; Liz Filter, President/CEO; Eric Filter- GM La Crosse.

Front row: Jamie Deaver, Division Supervisor- Vernon; April Sullivan, Production Supervisor - Vernon; Nancy Cone- Production Supervisor- Sauk


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